Mathematics Professor Researches Origins of Universe
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Professor Ramesh Sharma, UNH University Research Scholar and Fulbright Scholar in the Department of Mathematics, has had research he conducted with student Gregory Brown '11, alumnus Harissou Biao B.S. '09 and Yale University researcher Jia Wu published in the April 2010 issue of the "International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics." 

Sharma notes briefly that the group's article, "Reviewing Arithmetic Mean-Geometric Mean Equality by Waiving Positivity," demonstrates that the arithmetic mean-geometric mean (AM-GM) equality for an odd number of numbers implies the equality of the numbers if, and only if, the numbers form the singular points of the level set representing AM-GM equality. For those with a faint grasp of algebra, Sharma's work in the simplest terms is the sort of mathematics used to understand the origins of the universe and black holes using a popular technique called Ricci-flow. 

A prolific researcher, Sharma also is investigating spaces endowed with a contact structure and a Ricci soliton, and has recently published "Perfect Fluids Whose Energy-Momentum Tensor is Conformal Killing," with A. Ghosh in the "Journal of Mathematical Physics" (March 2010). He also has a number of other articles slated for publication later this year.