Beatles Fest

A special topics honors class about the Beatles will culminate on Tuesday, Dec. 11, with a Beatles Fest from 6:30 to 11 p.m. in Dodds Hall Theatre. The event will include a showing the film “Across the Universe,” named for a Beatles song, and a display of Beatle artifacts collected by Wes Davis, a senior lecturer of English who is teaching the course with Guillermo Mager, associate professor and acting head of the music department. One of the items on display will be the rare “butcher” album cover, which depicted the Beatles wearing butcher smocks and holding pieces of bloody meats and severed dolls heads and bodies. The cover was withdrawn after public reaction.

The fest also will include a performance by the Nathan Ward Band. Ward, a criminal justice major, is a student in the class. He plays keyboards and guitar and is one of the lead singers in the band, which plays Beatles covers, among other music. The event is open to the entire UNH community.

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