Construction Projects Unveil Maxcy Hall ‘Porches,’ Renovate Hazell Nut Café
Construction Projects Unveil Maxcy Hall ‘Porches,’ Renovate Hazell Nut Café

Over winter break, the University launched or completed a variety of building projects around campus to enhance the experience of students, faculty and staff.

A renovation was completed to the exterior of the “porches” at Maxcy Hall, the first step of a multi-phased project to improve the west-facing appearance of the building. The interior renovation of these spaces is now underway.   

A renovation was competed on the student-operated Hazell Nut Café (below). This facility, which was designed to support the Hospitality and Tourism program, is now serving an updated menu that includes gourmet light fare, coffee and pizza.

The renovated "porches" at Maxcy Hall.

Windows and roof repairs were completed on South Campus Hall and the Registrar’s Office was renovated.

Improvements were made to the Dodds Hall lobby, including painting, lighting and new interior plants. The Dodds Hall Theater is undergoing similar improvements, including new carpeting, paint and a new heating and ventilation system.

The DeDominicus Lounge in Bartels Hall has a fresh look, including new paint, carpet and furniture.

The ROTC office in Bixler Hall was outfitted with new air conditioning, bathroom renovations were made in Bixler, Dunham and Bethel residence halls, and laundry room upgrades were completed in Sheffield, Winchester and 1136 Campbell Avenue residence halls.

Additionally, the University is finalizing the design and city approvals for the new 372-bed residence hall, which remains on schedule for groundbreaking this spring. This new building will be located along Ruden Street and to the west of the Soundview Residential Hall.

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