Discussion: Is Privacy Dead?

Discussion: Is Privacy Dead?

The Friends of the UNH Library will host a presentation on Monday, Nov. 11, by Jibey Asthappan, assistant professor of criminal justice, that will explore recent revelations about the NSA’s surveillance programs. The talk will begin at 4 p.m. in the upper level of the Peterson Library. 

Documents have reveled at the NSA maintains records of web browsing, phone calls, video/typed chats and social media data, including affiliations, photos and contacts. All of this information is called “meta-data,” which can be used to predict future behaviors and events. The presentation will discuss methods used to forecast using meta-data, the application of this data in protecting and serving a population and the pitfalls of accumulating and analyzing meta-data.

Asthappan’s research focuses on cyber crime and security. He teaches courses in network security, practical issues in cryptography and statistics.   

Read a recent op-ed written by Asthappan about the NSA’s surveillance program.

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