Professor to Discuss Great Violence Decline

Professor to Discuss Great Violence Decline

Maria Tcherni, assistant professor of criminal justice, will discuss possible explanations of “The Great Violence Decline,” a period over the last 20 years that has seen a reduction in violent crime. The talk, sponsored by Friends of the UNH Library, will take place on Thursday, Feb. 27, at 2 p.m. in the upper level of the Marvin K. Peterson Library.

Tcherni will discuss the most popular theories that attempt to explain why every category of violent crime has decreased since the early 1990s. She will also provide three new explanations, including lead exposure, psychotropic drugs and online social networking.

Before earning her Ph.D. degree in criminal justice from the University at Albany, Tcherni worked as a forensic psychologist. Her research focuses specifically on the connection between poverty and violence and crime trends and patterns.

Tcherni received a master’s degree in psychology from Moscow State University in Russia and a master’s degree in criminal justice from Northeastern University.

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