Student Video Part of National 'It Gets Better' Campaign
Student Video Part of National 'It Gets Better' Campaign

by Dave Cranshaw
UNH Today Editor

A project four years in the making for David Janovsky ’14 came to fruition last month. A dedicated student leader, he wanted a way to share an uplifting message with fellow UNH students who are part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. He found an outlet through the “It Gets Better Project,” a national program supporting LGBT youth around the world.

“My motivation was to be that little bit of inspiration that could quite possibly save someone’s life,” he said. “I struggled with coming out, and I wanted this video to show that life may be hard, but we are capable of anything we set our minds to.”

David Janovsky ’14

Late last month, his video premiered to rave reviews during an Undergraduate Student Government Association meeting. The screening proved to be an emotional experience for Janovsky.

“I was completely overwhelmed and cried tears of joy and happiness,” he said. “After the premiere, many students, faculty and staff contacted me, saying ‘You are doing the right thing’ and ‘You should be proud, because it’s people like you who make this world better.’”  

Janovsky is quick to point out that the production was a team effort. The video, which has already had nearly 1,400 views, features more than 100 students, student clubs and organizations and campus staff members who shared motivational messages. The Communication Club filmed all the participants.

“After people watch this video, I want them to know that when life hits you hard and knocks you to the floor, do not let it keep you there, because you can conquer anything,” he said. “It gets better and you are worth it.”

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