Business Students Get Glimpse of their Futures on Wall Street Tour

Business Students Get Glimpse of their Futures on Wall Street Tour

by Brandon T. Bisceglia ’14
UNH Today Contributing Writer

Freddy Perez ’15 had his mind on the gold. Bars, that is, not an Olympic medal.

The marketing major was on a tour of the gold vault in the basement of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in Manhattan earlier this semester as part of a trip sponsored by UNH’s Accounting Society and Finance Club. The College of Business paid for 23 students, including Perez, to spend the day exploring New York’s financial district.

A group of business students visited Wall Street earlier this semester.

The weight of the gold, said Perez, was an eye-opening part of the tour. “It’s almost impossible to pick up and move,” he said.

The gold is so heavy, in fact, that the workers have to wear steel-toed shoes with magnesium shoe covers to prevent them from injury if they drop anything. Much of the gold held in the building is for foreign governments.

In addition to their excursion to the Federal Reserve, the students went on a guided tour of Wall Street and ate dinner at the historic Fraunces Tavern and Museum, one of the oldest taverns in the country.

Although Perez hails from the Bronx, he said he didn't known how much history was preserved in the Wall Street area, which is so named because it literally had a wall running down it as fortification for the Dutch traders who founded the city.

“Now I understand why the streets are so narrow in that area,” he quipped.

Associate Professor of Accounting Michael Rolleri has gone with students to the financial district in past years as adviser to the Accounting Society, and he said it’s always a good time for everyone.

“The students can see what life in the business world is like outside the classroom,” he said. “It’s experiential learning.”

It also allows him to bond with the students. “Usually they see me at the front of the room from the other side of a desk,” he said. “This gives us a chance to get to know one another personally.”

Perez said he enjoyed the food at the tavern but was even more interested in the atmosphere – it’s a popular spot for high-powered Wall Street businesspeople.

“We were on the second floor,” he explained. “You would go down and see a lot of people dressed up, having meetings.”

Accounting and finance major Jenny Lam ’15 thought Fraunces Tavern was the best part of the trip for yet another reason: the history contained in its museum’s artworks.

“George Washington stayed there,” said Lam, a Malta, N.Y., native. “The paintings were my favorite part. I liked the realistic style, that you could see the texture, that the colors were vibrant. They really captured history in action.”

Lam said going to Manhattan was not only fun; the students earned three credits toward the Professional Enrichment Program that all College of Business students are required to complete to graduate.

Lam said she learned a lot from the trip that could benefit her in her future career. “I would love to work on Wall Street,” she said. “It’s so pretty, and I love the city. Now, if I ever work down there, I could give friends a tour.”

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