Musician Nathan Ward Featured on Paul McCartney’s Website

Musician Nathan Ward Featured on Paul McCartney’s Website

by Dave Cranshaw
UNH Today Editor

It was seemingly just another summer night when Nathan Ward ’15 arrived in Albany to be part of the crowd as Paul McCartney kicked off his “Out There” tour. A longtime Beatles fan, Ward is the frontman of the Nathan Ward Band, a group that has covered The Beatles’ legendary songs as part of their two CDs and their New England tour this summer.

As he was heading toward the arena, Ward and his group of concertgoers, which included English lecturer – and fellow Beatles fanatic – Wes Davis, walked by a piano set up for fans to play.

Nathan Ward '15

On a dare, he decided to play a few numbers. Before long, he was approached by McCartney’s producer to perform “Let it Be,” and his rendition was featured on McCartney’s website.

“There were a couple thousand people looking on,” he said. “It was really cool to think that Paul’s producer thought that highly of me that he wanted to put me on the website.”

The experience was all part of a musical career that began with his first band coming together in 2009. After a rocky start, he was ready to give up on his musical aspirations when, out of the blue, he received an email from a person who would become the second member of the four-person band.

“It’s all a matter of believing in yourself,” he said, looking back at the journey. “If you don’t believe you are great and that you can succeed, why would anyone else think that?”

In 2012, Ward took “Twilight of the Gods – the Music and Lyrics of The Beatles,” a course offered for English and music credit, co-written by Wes Davis and Guillermo Mager, associate professor of music.

Ward left the class with a deeper appreciation of The Beatles and a relationship with the professor that will far outlast his time as a student. “The class formed what will be a lifelong friendship with Wes Davis,” he said.

The last two years Ward’s band has played at both Beatles Night celebrations on campus sponsored by the Honors Program and Davis.

Outside of his work with the band, Ward is a promoter with Big Time Wrestling, a company that holds events around the country featuring prominent wrestlers such as Bret Hart, Ric Flair and Mick Foley.

He concedes that his work as a musician and a promoter don’t necessarily intersect with his criminal justice major. Still, as he begins his final semester at UNH he is grateful for the opportunities he has had as a student.

“Everyone I know at UNH, from the department chairs to the cafeteria people, do a great job of making the college experience positive for the students,” said Ward.

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