24/7 Library Hours Through May 11

24/7 Library Hours Through May 11

The Peterson Library will be open on a 24/7 schedule through Wednesday, May 11.

Only members of the UNH community with a valid, current UNH ID will have access to the facility by swiping their UNH ID at the card reader by the library’s main entrance. If your UNH ID card does not permit you with swipe card access, you will not be granted admittance. If you have any reason to think your UNH ID Card will not permit you swipe card access, please visit the Campus Card Office located in the Bookstore during their normal business hours.  

Students should be prepared to show their UNH ID to any security guard, campus police officer or library staff member who requests to see it.

No library services are available overnight. The desktop computers, printers and scanners will be available for use; however, no staff assistance will be provided.  

Shuttle service will be provided as normally scheduled. After hours, students who live in off-site University housing will need to call Campus Police at 203-932-7014 to coordinate transportation.

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