Computer Science Student Envisions Career in Hacking Prevention
Computer Science Student Envisions Career in Hacking Prevention

by Dave Cranshaw
UNH Today Editor

After participating in a leading cyber forensics competition last fall, James Hebert ’17, a computer science major, left with a new career path in mind: penetration testing.

“I see it as a puzzle, one in which you need to think outside the box to solve,” he said. “Really, hacking and preventing hacking is about learning the ins and outs of a system and then knowing how to exploit a system,” he said. “I like learning by doing, and hacking is an awesome way to do that.”

To further explore his potential career path, Hebert is creating a “hacking” club on campus.

“I love teaching people about all the cool things that technology can do,” he said.

James Hebert ’17

Growing up, he said his interest in technology started with playing video games. Reading the New York Times bestselling novel Little Brother by Cory Doctorow stoked Hebert’s interest in studying computer science.

”The book gave me a huge appreciation for the stack of technology that the Internet relies on,” he said. Still, he wasn’t sure how he could turn his interest into a career in cyber security. That changed once her arrived at UNH, met professor Abe Baggili and learned about the University’s Cyber Forensics Research and Education Group.

As a penetration tester, Hebert would be tasked with determining vulnerabilities in system to prevent unauthorized access.

“It is really cool to me how everything on the Internet manages to communicate relatively seamlessly across the world,” he said.

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