Students Reflect on Italian Immersion
Students Reflect on Italian Immersion

by Dave Cranshaw
UNH Today Editor

For Chelsea Tambis ’18, spending the spring semester at UNH’s campus in Prato, Italy, has been her longest time away from home. It has been an experience she won’t soon forget.

“There is something about traveling independently that is so thrilling,” said Tambis, who has already visited London, Paris, Dublin and Amsterdam and will soon take excursions to Barcelona and Greece.

Tambis is part of a group of more than 50 students who are spending the semester living and learning immersed in the culture of Italy.

A communication major, she is taking an Italian language class as well as courses in Italian culture and cuisine, introduction to multimedia and, philosophy. She is participating in a conversation exchange program with local teens, and her classmates gather every Monday night to participate in one of Italy’s traditional pastimes, a game of soccer.

Chelsea Tambis ’18

“I’m enjoying my time abroad,” she said. “Everything from the trips around Tuscany and the extracurricular activities to the Italian culture and the classes we can take has been simply amazing. And the food has been out of this world. I cannot be more proud of UNH whenever I tell my family and friends that my university has a campus in Italy.”

She expects that she will draw from her time abroad throughout the rest of time at UNH.

“This experience has inspired me to do more, to get involved with more clubs and activities and to continue to step out of my comfort zone,” she said.

Julianna Calcagno ’18, another student studying in Prato this semester, had always wanted to travel to Italy. When she learned there were several classes being offered in her majors of criminal justice and national security, it was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

Through a special topics course on war being taught by Matt Schmidt, assistant professor of political science and national security, Calcagno and her classmates traveled to Kiev, Ukraine, and soon they will visit Normandy. She’s also taking a course taught by Schmidt that’s exploring the intellectual history of terrorism.

“This experience has broadened my knowledge of the world and it what it has to offer,” she said.

April 1 is the application deadline for any students who wish to spend the fall semester at the Prato Campus.

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