April 1 Application Deadline to Study at UNH’s Prato Campus in the Fall

April 1 Application Deadline to Study at UNH’s Prato Campus in the Fall

Friday, April 1, is the application deadline for students who are interested in spending the upcoming fall semester studying at UNH’s campus in Prato, Italy. Students who study in Prato are billed standard tuition and fees as a residential student, and all financial aid applies. The only additional expense is the cost of airfare.

Benefits of studying in Prato:

•    Academics: Studying in Prato is an academic pursuit and should be seen as an integrated part of a student's course of study. UNH students can find useful courses at the Tuscany Campus that apply to their major/minor, core and electives, all while staying on track for graduation. Study abroad is one way for students to fulfill the experiential education graduation requirement.
•    Personal Development: Overseas experience gives students a personal developmental boost as they practice and demonstrate their abilities to problem-solve, communicate and collaborate in a challenging environment. The experience helps students develop critical thinking skills and self-confidence.
•    Networking and friendships: Students studying abroad gain access to international job and networking contacts, and they meet fellow students from countries and cultures around the globe. Students participate in program activities that develop cross-cultural skills and allow them to make connections with host nationals.
•    Employability: Studying abroad is a defining advantage as students mature, approach graduation and prepare to enter the workforce. It also enhances applications to graduate school and other professional programs.

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April 1 is also the deadline for hospitality and tourism management majors to apply to can spend a month this summer at the University’s campus in Italy studying food, tourism and business in Tuscany.

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