Speakers to Examine Global Business Opportunities

Speakers to Examine Global Business Opportunities

The College of Business will host a Global Business Forum on Thursday, April 28. The program will begin at 3 p.m. in room M129 at the Orange Campus.

Keynote speaker Ray Nulty, from Berkeley Research Group, a global strategy consultancy, will open the session with a talk titled “The Opportunity and the Necessity for a Global Mindset and Cross Border Business as the ‘New Normal.’”

A second keynote speaker, Shuresh Sharma, a partner in Arcis Capital Partners and author of The 3rd American Dream, will speak on “Asia (China focus) – Key Factors for America (West Coast USA) and America (Northeast USA).” Sharma is a former General Electric executive who received international recognition for his pioneering role in building global facilities in 15 countries including China, India, Mexico and Canada. He later co-authored a best-selling book, Global Outsourcing.

The program will also feature a panel on “Transatlantic Business – the How and the Why of Success: British American Business (New York and London) and Enterprise Ireland (New York and Dublin).” 

Panelists will include:

- Aidan Hayes, a senior member of the Enterprise Ireland’s international sales and partnering team based in New York City. Enterprise Ireland is the Irish government's trade and technology agency that invests in and supports the growth and development of entrepreneurs, Irish indigenous small and midsize businesses and the research and investment communities.
- Mariah Measey, manager of member relations and business development for BritishAmerican Business.

There will also be a panel on “Technology as Disruption (competition) and Innovation (partnering) for 2016 to 2020” featuring:

- Adam Pasquale,  co-founder and chief operating officer of Recycle Track Systems, which has more than 20 years of waste management experience in New York City.
- Katya Musacchio, executive vice president of corporate development for the Infrastructure Group and former vice president of strategic partnerships at QuarterSpot, a leading marketplace lender for small and medium enterprise companies in the United States.

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