UNH Community Supporting Relief Efforts in Ecuador

UNH Community Supporting Relief Efforts in Ecuador

In light of the massive earthquake that hit Ecuador earlier this month, UNH is collecting donations to support the people who were affected by the tragedy. More than 2,000 people were injured, and 200 were killed.

Donations can be brought to the Beckerman Recreation Center until Wednesday, May 11. All items will be given to the Red Cross. Below is a list of items that are being accepted.

•         blankets
•         tents
•         comforters
•         canned foods
•         milk powder
•         hygienic supplies (tooth paste, soap)
•         toilet paper
•         wipes
•         disposable diapers
•         baby food (baby formula)
•         medical supplies (bandages, gloves, wraps, alcohol, gauze)
•         battery operated radios
•         flashlights
•         sunscreen
•         candles
•         kitchen supplies (plates, forks, spoons, cups – not plastic)
•         towels
•         batteries
•         packing tape
•         trash bags (big)
•         snacks (snack bars, nutritional bars, dry fruit)
•         cardboard boxes
•         hats
•         toys in good condition (crayons, books, paper)
•         food (rice, sugar, easy to open cans, oil, spaghetti, cookies)
•         drinks (water, juice, Gatorade)
•         new pots

To learn more, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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