Incoming Student Hopes to Work for the FBI
Incoming Student Hopes to Work for the FBI

by Thalia Hernandez ’17 M.A.
Communications and Public Affairs Graduate Assistant

Alanna Herskowitz ’20 has had her heart set on attending UNH since seventh grade, when she first learned about the University through a friend who was currently enrolled. In high school, she started to develop an interest in forensic science and criminal justice, and she even attended one of the University’s CSI camps last summer.

“That solidified my decision even more,” she said. “I looked at a few other colleges, but nothing felt as right as being on the UNH campus,” she said.

Alanna Herskowitz ’20

A Branford, Conn., native, Herskowitz will join the UNH community in the fall as a member of the Class of 2020. She plans to pursue a double major in criminal justice and forensic psychology and a minor in Farsi, a language most commonly spoken in Iran and Afghanistan.

“My long-term goal is to get into the FBI,” she said. “I know that with all the resources and opportunities available at UNH, enrolling here will be the best decision I've ever made.”

Herskowitz is most looking forward to taking classes that relate to her future career and to joining clubs on campus.

“I plan on getting very involved and meeting as many new people as I can,” she said.

This is the fifth in a series that will welcome some of UNH’s newest students in the Class of 2020 who will join the UNH community in the fall. Read the first, second, third and fourth spotlights.

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