Business Students Complete in CFA Research Challenge

Business Students Complete in CFA Research Challenge

by Thalia Hernandez ’17 M.A.
Communications and Public Affairs Graduate Assistant

After spending a day competing in the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Research Challenge, a competition that provides real-world experience through the guidance and mentorship of CFAs working in the industry, Steve Simos ’18 reflected on his experience.

“I found that it was a great way to experiment with a task that every analyst has to do in the field,” he said. “It was a good way to expose myself to different parts of finance and to work as part of team, which will definitely occur in my career.”

UNH has competed in the global CFA Research Challenge for the past two years. There are more than 800 universities from 55 countries involved in the competition. In the regional competition sponsored by the CFA Society in Hartford, the UNH team competed against 10 teams from six local colleges and universities.

“I felt that the team experience was great,” said Simos. “We were able to use each other’s diverse skillsets to contribute to the final product.”

As part of the competition, teams were required to conduct a thorough analysis on the Barnes Group, an international aerospace and industrial manufacturer and services provider, and to come up with a trading recommendation. They also had the added challenge of integrating their knowledge from multiple classes into one report.

“I saw some solid work,” said Fang Chen, assistant professor of finance and the faculty adviser.  “Moreover, I saw a team that was thirsty for success.”

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